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SDMC have been building innovative software solutions for over twenty years. Our software is used by some of the world's greatest companies. Our software portfolio includes applications for FinanceHub, database integration technology, secure file transfer & secure SMS server.


Our Software As A Service organisation began in 2017.  We brought together a highly-talented group of individuals with the mission to build great applications to meet complex business requirements.


Our consulting business was founded in 1997 to specialise in all aspects of Business Intelligence solutions. Since then, we have expanded our consulting portfolio to include cloud technology, Oracle database, SAAS, OLAP, web, finance, HR & data science.


SDMC Hosting was launched in 2007 to provide a platform for companies who required more from their hosting providers. SDMC Hosting provides fully redundant secure solutions ranging from simple web & email to more complex solutions such as cloud storage and collaboration services.


The first lines of code for FinanceHub were written in 2009 when we identified a real need for a financial standards aware application that could bring together billing, CRM, stock, collections & invoicing systems and automatically create accounting documents that could be posted into ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle Applications. FinanceHub is now used by some of the world's largest companies, processing over 2 billion transactions monthly.


We provide support services at all levels, ranging from Level 1 contact with users and customers; through working with third-party partners, implementing complex changes; to Level 4 support of our own software and solutions.

Some of our customers

Vodafone Group

SDMC have implemented their FinanceHub software and management reporting solution for 14 Vodafone companies.  

SDMC provide complete managed service support and development activities working in partnership with Vodafone's Finance & IT departments.


SDMC built a management reporting system linked to their Oracle General Ledger to provide nightly updated financial reporting for all of Tesco's businesses in the UK. Budgets and forecasts are prepared directly within the system and uploaded directly from within Excel.  These forecasts are regularly fed back to the GL.

Lloyds banking group

SDMC consultants participated as lead consultants implementing a comprehensive system for the bank. This system provided financial budgeting and forecasting, enhanced financial management information, project reporting and product costing. Specific functionality included payroll modelling, capital expenditure cost modelling, premises cost modelling, spreadsheet data capture, interface to SAP and payroll systems, and activity based cost allocations for product costing.

The house worldwide

SDMC worked with The House Worldwide to produce, host and support an innovative collaboration system, including email, calendar, and document management. This enabled The House Worldwide to communicate effectively both internally and with their clients. SDMC manage the hosting and support of this mission critical infrastructure.

Ann summers

SDMC consultants implemented an Oracle based management reporting and forecasting solution enabling OLAP cubes to interrogate Oracle E-Business General Ledger data, providing financial reporting of actuals, budgets and forecast.  Functionality to enable drill to Oracle General Ledger transactions was provided using SDMC’s own software.  The project was delivered on time as part of a fixed price contract.

suffolk county council

Working with partners as part of a larger multidiscipline team implementing a shared service ERP programme, SDMC implemented an Oracle based business intelligence solution and provided project management. The system provided financial analysis supporting all aspects of local authority finances to a number of separate organisations.

Finance Hub Rocket

Now Available
Cloud ready

FinanceHub is now cloud-ready.
Whether you are working on Azure or AWS: FinanceHub is ready!

Simple made powerful

Our new artificial intelligence modules enable predictive forecasting, intelligent reconciliation & self monitoring, healing and tuning.

64-bit end to end

FinanceHub Rocket has been completely reengineered, with the entire code base optimised for 64-bit computing. This enables FinanceHub to work with larger data volumes than ever before, working faster and more securely with growing data requirements.

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