SDMC Connect

Simple Desktop Integration

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SDMC Connect

SDMC Connect is an easy to use application that can be provided to your corporate software estate. It enables desktop integration between Windows clients & servers, or workstations, over the secure file transfer protocol.

Preconfigured certificate support enables SDMC Connect to act as a simple widget to transfer files securely without a user having to use complex FTP applications.
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SDMC Connect

SDMC Connect can be used to transfer files, or it can handle more complex workflows.
Outlook Integration
Emails, with attachments, can be dropped on the SDMC Connect widget. If a email is dropped on SDMC Connect with an attachment then three files are transferred to the target system.
  • A copy of the original email in .msg format.
  • An XML file representing the email, including fields for From:, To:, Subject, Message, attachment filenames etc.
  • A copy of each attachment.
pdf extractor
If an Adobe PDF file is dropped on the SDMC Connect widget SDMC Connect will attempt to process the PDF file. A number of files will be sent to the target system.
  • A copy of the original pdf file.
  • An XML file representing the PDF filename and the name of the extract file.
  • An extract file which includes each word in the PDF file together with the page number, and co-ordinates on each page of every extracted word.  This can then be used to load the raw text into database systems for processing.
Excel integration
If an Excel file is dropped on the SDMC Connect widget, SDMC Connect will attempt to process the file and upload it:
  • If the file is password protected SDMC Connect will attempt to remove the password protection using defined configuration.
  • The  file will be uploaded in its original form.
  • The system will convert the file into a CSV equivalent file. If there are multiple worksheets in the Excel workbook a CSV file will be created for each worksheet.
  • An XML key file which contains the names of the original file, and each of the CSV files. This enables target systems to process easily each file.
SDMC Connect supports certificate-based authentication. Keys can be centrally enabled, configured or revoked.
  • SDMC Connect supports both DSA & RSA key types. If RSA is chosen, the maximum supported key length is 16384-bits.
  • Every upload creates a transaction log on the target system that can be centrally reviewed and analysed to understand who uploaded what & when.
Constant Improvements

Typically we release updates five times every year. As we utilise Rebex as our transport engine we typically release a new update within 48hrs of a Rebex release. In order to simplify management in large desktop estates no installation is actually required: updated binaries can just be copied onto the target clients.