SDMC Software

SDMC have been building innovative software solutions for over twenty years.

Our software is used by some of the world's largest companies.

Our software portfolio includes applications for FinanceHub, database integration technology, secure file transfer, secure SMS server as well as property & car parking management.
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SDMC Software

SDMC builds performant, secure, reliable software which meets the needs of real businesses. SDMC software enables companies to embrace a digital future.

Some of our software is showcased below:
FinanceHub offers a low latency, high bandwidth accounting standards-aware application. Some of FinanceHub's features are listed below:
  • Automated billing system integration.
  • Integration with retail systems such as Oracle Retail Merchandising System.
  • ERP integration with Oracle, SAP, Sage & Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Integration with collections systems.
  • Automatic invoice integration.
  • Inventory verification.
  • Invoice verification & validation.
  • Spacial validation.
  • Customer-level journals with additional non-financial statistical data.
  • Customer & product profitability reporting.
  • Accounting Control Framework.
  • Automated build of OLAP cubes for analytical analysis.
  • AI based modules for bank account reconciliation, predictive forecasting & self healing.
  • Cloud ready.
SDMC Connect is an easy-to-use application that can be provided to your corporate software estate. It enables desktop integration between Windows clients & servers, or workstations, over the secure file transfer protocol.

Preconfigured certificate support enables SDMC Connect to act as a simple widget to transfer files securely without a user having to use complex FTP applications.
SDMC Connect can be used to transfer files, or it can handle more complex workflows.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration.
  • Adobe PDF extraction.
  • Microsoft Excel integration.
  • Keys can be centrally enabled, configured or revoked.
Take the fuss out of enterprise parking and reduce spend with our simple, easy to use cloud-based parking management solution.
With Raedam you can manage your company’s parking sites from the cloud.
  • Administration No more spreadsheets. Our comprehensive administration portal lets parking and facilities managers efficiently configure and oversee parking within their organisation.
  • Applications No more lengthy wait times. With our dynamic application form, all parking applicants will receive a result in under two minutes..
  • Automated Scoring We’ve designed a fully customisable application scoring system so you can set your own rules to accept or reject parking applications.
  • Integration Our system allows your organisation to connect with on-site parking management systems for a seamless end-to-end parking solution.
  • Parking Insights Track and monitor key parking insights including activity, utilisation and CO² emissions.
  • Complete Oversight Control parking permission and access across your organisation —from entire sites to individual bays.
SDMC Secure SMS Server is a complete SMS server in a box. Aimed at small & medium sized businesses who want to add an SMS gateway to their infrastructure.

Typical use-cases include automated alerting and monitoring.

Secure SMS Server can easily be clustered to provide greater hardware and mobile network resilience.
  • API Applications and infrastructure can communicate with Secure SMS Server to send a message via an API. Communication with the Secure SMS Server is fully encrypted for trusted services.
  • Mail Secure SMS Server can receive requests to send messages via email. All details regarding the message, including the distribution and contents, are fully encrypted in a GPG wrapper. Secure SMS Server opens the capsules and validates it against its secure data store. Once validated it executes the preconfigured workflow.